Our Journeys

Choosing a company to trust with your “once in a lifetime” vacation can be a daunting experience but we have over 30 years experience planning and leading wildlife journeys so perhaps we can help you make sense of it all.

We Are The Safari & Wildlife Experts

At World Wildlife Journeys our sole objective is to offer our travelers the greatest wildlife encounters on earth, in the company of the best guides in the world! If you’re passionate about the wonders of nature, it just makes sense to choose a company that is dedicated to creating life-changing wilderness journeys!

Best Value For Money

Our core philosophy is to put the quality of your experience first and the three things we never compromise on are location, time of year and making sure you travel with the very best guides. We make a point to seek out properties that offer the best combination of quality game viewing and comfortable accommodation at a price that offers you the best value for money.

Best Time Of Year

An important consideration when planning your journey is to ask the question- what is the best time of year to travel? Wildlife viewing can be highly seasonal and this is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors- we do not run the same trip all year round. We schedule our journeys at the time of year that we know offers you the best possible wildlife viewing opportunities, because we know how important this is, to get you the experience that you are looking for!

Best Guides

Guides are the single most important factor in influencing the outcome of your experience and we pride ourselves in only recruiting the very best. With an average of over 30 years full-time experience, no other company that we know of comes even close to matching our minimum standard.

 Small Groups

Group size varies depending on the destination, but most of our tours are between 12-16 people. This allows for more quality time with your guide and a more intimate experience with the wildlife that you encounter.


We are committed to practicing responsible eco-tourism that emphasizes respect for the wildlife, the environment, and the wilderness communities that we visit. Our aim is to operate a company that offers life-changing journeys to our travelers but one that also makes a meaningful contribution to the preservation of the wild places that we all love.