Perhaps it is because we came from here that we must return – whatever the reason, this continent exerts a powerful draw on any traveler but especially those that love the wilderness. The magic of Africa is that in spite of being so different from any other place, with such fantastic wildlife, what draws people back time and again, is the unexpected familiarity of it- that on some deep subconscious level, it does indeed feel like home.


Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

There is probably no more humbling experience that spending some time with some of our closes relatives. A visit to the Great Apes will leave you with fundamentally altered perspective of what separates us from the other animal kingdom with whom we share this planet.
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Migration North Serengeti Safari

Arusha National Park – Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area- North Serengeti National Park
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Migration South Serengeti Safari

Nowhere on earth is there a spectacle like the great migration of some 3 million Wildebeest and 1,5 million Zebra that every year follow the age old path from their calving grounds in Southern Serengeti to the early grazing areas in the North and then swing back down to the South in time to give birth. If you only ever see make one wildlife trip, this is the one that is guaranteed to leave you in awe of creation.
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